Thursday, January 14, 2016

talking to myself

the world was a way for him to talk to himself.
wow, such a profound statement for me.

what i find so fascinating about the above quote, what really struck home for me was this; that every person, every situation you are going to meet or be in you will find something of yourself in them. you will find some sort of connection to you and your life and that could be good or bad. the more that you are bothered by it or are absolutely drawn to is because of some familiarity to it. when you are experiencing these things you will react from your perception. so if you find yourself in a situation where you meet some one and for some reason you don't seem to hit it off think about the reason why. is that reason why triggering you because it is something you need to look at closer, deal with within you.

we, as people, are filters for our own reality. we perceive things occurring to our own filters, our own issues, our own experiences. people we meet, interactions we take part in, we are bringing our own view to the subject. something i may love and find comfort with maybe the most distressing thing to another.

on a side note, we are totally in control of how we interrupt what we see, feel, experience. it is all a mind game, a shift of perspective can make the worst day of the year into something different (better, worse, peacefulness, joy) it's a matter of your personal preference. don't like what you are seeing, change your view, turn it upside down, shake it around, SHIFT!

what situations are you going to find yourself in today and what are you going to talk to yourself about them?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

new year, new not like you think.

the new year has just begun and i am seeing things about resolutions everywhere. i am not a big one for resolutions. Heck i'm good the way i am, but it doesn't mean i let the new year begin without any thought to what my intentions are. One thing that i like to do is pick a guiding word for the year. This year i have chosen the word Pause....yup i need to stop and breathe. i need to stop and breathe so that i don't just react. i need to remember to pause so that i can think about what is happening and what is the best way to respond. for so many years i was reactionary, i never really gave thought to what i did or said, i just did them. my intention this year is to pause, to really respond from a better place of love than just reacting.
i also thought that a mantra for the pause would be a wonderful idea, something to wrap my reaction around. the mantra that i have chosen for this year is "I am present". how many times have i responded, out of habit. i have been guilty of responding like my mom would've. i am responding from the place of my past. i am responding in a way that no longer serves me (or anyone else). the small prayer of 'I am present' reminds me that what is important is here, now, right in front of me.
Another thing that i am inspired to do is to make a list of things that make me feel amazing. this is from the workshop Hibernate from Heather Burggeman. so i sat down and for a few minutes i jotted down the things that recharge me, that make me feel amazing.
so here you go, my feel amazing list:

  1. hot  coffee and conversation
  2. resting
  3. reading, reading, reading
  4. yoga!
  5. music, dancing
  6. silence
  7. good food and good friends
  8. creating (sewing, crocheting)
  9. gardening
that's what i came up with in a few minutes, i'm sure that i could add more. I have the beginnings of inspired amazing things that i can refer to it when i need a pick me up. i can also use this list to remind myself to take care of me. being a mom i have to be really conscious of making sure my cup is full. it is so hard as a homeschooling mom to do this. it is easy to give and give to everyone but myself. 
The new year is going to be amazing! i am so full of hope and inspiration for the things to come this year. How do you mark the new year? are you a resolutions person, a word of the year person or do you leave it all be?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

new year, new blog!

it's been a while since i have used this blog, but i have been thinking about starting something to follow my journey down the path of life. something a little more personal, something a little bit deeper. ideas to contemplate, me just trying to untangle the knot of life (so that means i will probably digress into nonsense, it's all part of the journey though)
looking forward to getting this started, to write my thoughts, to actually have written down my thinking. good luck to me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Range Chickens

Happy free range hens

one of the fun things about having true free range chickens (there are no fences here) is the crazy places you find eggs. our easter egger (Joshie's chick, no not me lol) is the best one for finding unique nests.

Joshie's Chick

This morning turned into an egg hunt for us. The last nest the girls were using was now abondoned. The boys and I were out looking under every bush, into very crevis and around the tall grass. We did find a new nest made by Joshie's Chick. It is a very nice location with beautiful scenery!

Egg with mushrooms and oregano.

That was our morning adventure, what was yours? Now off to the rest of our day.